Park & Sanctuary Slideshows

"On The Road Again"

While visiting my best friend in Denver Colorado, she told me about this Wild Animal Sanctuary just outside of town. While I have mixed feelings about photographing wildlife in captivity, after learning about how all these animals were rescued from various locations becuase of inhumane conditions and/or treatment, I decided to document my visit through the lens of my camera. After it was all said and done, I am glad I chose to photograph these amazing creatures who live, not in cages at a zoo, but in wide open spaces, where the people observing them are located on an elevated walkway, and the wildlife didn’t seem to even notice we were up there. I hope you enjoy the slideshow made of photographs taken during my visit.

These are slide shows made from photographs taken during my summer travels of 2014. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, click on “HD” at the bottome of the slide, and select either 360p or 720p HD before playing the slideshow. You can also view the slideshows in full screen by clicking on the 4 arrows next to the “HD”.   © Thomas Conner 2017     (210) 391-2526